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The question is often asked: “What is The City of St. Jude?”

father purcell and children001In order to answer that, you must first know its founder, Father Harold Purcell. Father Harold was a man of many achievements—the heralded editor of Sign magazine, a highly sought-after public speaker, a confidant to many wealthy people. But in the narration of his life, author Sister Mary Ruth Coffman describes the day where Father Harold realized that these achievements, though he was grateful for them, were not enough.

“Finally, the day dawned when he could no longer deny a new summons, when he had to yield to an inner voice that urged him to pursue a totally new dream, no matter what it cost. Even a person as determined as Father Harold might have refused that summons had he guessed that it would demand the sacrifice of almost everything he loved and would separate him from his home as surely as if he had sailed for China. He did not guess all of the consequences; but he knew that, once again, he had an intuitive sense deep within himself that there was something specific that God wanted him to do.

Perhaps he heard a personal message in God’s words to Moses: “Build me a sanctuary, so that I may dwell among them.” The words echoed like a mantra: … “Build me a city…”

He had to respond.”

…And The City of St. Jude is that response. It is a city within a city—a remnant of real people helping real people. An honoring of the call recorded in the book of Isaiah: “Make justice your aim; redress the wronged, hear the orphan’s plea, defend the widow . . .After that you shall be called City of Justice, faithful city.”(Isaiah 1:16, 26)

Who We Are:

To thousands of underprivileged families, we are a helping hand in meeting their most basic human needs. To children who are developmentally disabled, we are nurturers, protectors and comforters. To the senior residents, we are a safe, affordable haven and community.

Why We Do It:

The City of St. Jude was founded on Father Harold Purcell’s vision of providing spiritual, social, health and educational enrichment that transcend race, sex, religious affiliation and national origin. It is our mission to see all people—from the poor in resources to the poor in spirit—prosper. We believe that every family we feed, every child we care for and every soul we comfort is food, care and comfort unto Christ himself.

How We Do It:

The City of St. Jude functions through the donations and volunteer efforts of generous patrons all over the world. Their support and prayers fuel our daily goals and are vital to our overall mission. Without them, there is no City of St. Jude. As such, we are immensely grateful to them and invite you to be a part of our family.

Where We Do It:

Physically, The City of St. Jude sits on a 36 acre campus in the heart of west Montgomery. In actuality, however, the spirit of St. Jude lives in the hearts of its gracious donors all across the globe.