SUNDAY MASS: 7:30 a.m. and 10:00 a.m. | WEEKDAY MASS: Noon

Teaching Church

Father Purcell sought to make St. Jude a teaching church, almost a beautifully illustrated theology text. The Ten Commandments are emblazoned on the crossbeams of the ceiling in silvered letters on a blue field. The Tables of the Law appear in symbols on the main entrance door and on the credence table in the sanctuary. The Star of David is depicted in a gem of a stained glass window appropriately set above the eastern door.

Especially striking as works of art and instruments for teaching are the stained glass windows. Those on the eastern side feature seven truths of the Apostles’ Creed on the upper panels with explanatory notes in the main sections. The western windows define the Seven Sacraments in the upper panels and depict supportive scriptural texts in the main sections, again with appropriate artistic symbols.