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Troy University Visits St. Jude


12194736_1040414049342728_5568305565724363214_oMore than 80 Troy University Student Government Association students visited the campus of The City of St. Jude and got a full experience of all the work that goes on here. They began with a tour of the Interpretive Center where they engaged in dialogue and a self-guided tour of photos that embody the civil rights movement and events that took place in Montgomery, AL. “I’ve been here my whole life and never knew about this,” one student remarked.

Next, they visited St. Jude Catholic Church, which was a unique opportunity for many of them who’d never seen the historic building before. Some were visibly touched by the beauty and reverence of the sanctuary.

Lastly was a visit to Father Purcell Children’s Center, where they shared a few moments with our special needs kids from the center and even went out to the playground to see what the kids at Father Purcell’s experience.

We thank the students and faculty of Troy University for the opportunity to share our campus and our experiences with them.

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